6 Web Designs/Sites That Use Color Brilliantly

Color is more than just a beautiful hue on the paper next to you. In fact, colors strike a number of emotions within your body and they can change your mood too. When our eyes take in colors presented to them, the colors communicate to the hypothalamus area in the brain, which then sends signals throughout the body to trigger a response. Some colors will result in happy behavior while some elicit negative behavior.
When it comes to your website, you want to make sure that you use colors wisely to ensure your readers are not turned off to your site. In a study performed, it was revealed that 90 percent of product choices and assessments by customers has to do with color. The bottom line is this: USE COLOR!
The one thing you need to keep in mind about color is that it needs to be used the right way and of course, you need to choose the right color. There are many ways you can incorporate colors together and your logo and theme should have a flow to them and bring the reader in.
Below, we will look at some websites and web designs that use color brilliantly. Let’s take a look now.

1. L’Oréal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a wonderful example of how color can be used brilliantly and correctly on a website. When you first arrive to the site, you are introduced to the products with a slider on the homepage. This slider uses beautiful pictures with colors that pop. In fact, many of the images have a plain background and the colors used within the pictures make them pop. In one of the pictures, it is a white background with a lady with bright red lipstick. The contrast between light and bright makes for a real surprise.
As you browse through the site, you will see that the colors of the products truly pop off the screen and almost come to life. The colors are also ones that appeal to women such as pink, purple, gold, and similar.

2. Artazart

This website takes color into consideration and uses it brilliantly. In fact, the very first picture on the website draws your eyes directly into it as it uses bright hues of orange, brown, green, and blue. As you can see in this example, the website keeps the same orange theme throughout it and the interactive icons are the same shade of orange as the initial photo.

3. Bambi Bus

Bambi Bus is a good example of a website that uses colors wisely and brilliantly. Since this company provides services to support children and education, it makes sense that the colors and designs are fun and exciting. When you arrive at the website, you will instantly know that it is related to children or children services, which means it accomplishes what it has set out to do.
The website uses orange very vividly, which has proven to be difficult for other companies. The orange pairs together greens, reds, and yellows to make the color stick right out. If someone has never seen this site before, they will be drawn into the website based on the colors alone.

4. Milani

Milani Cosmetics is another website that has used colors the way they were intended to be made. This website is geared towards women, so it uses colors that appear to them such as blue, red, green, brown, and gold. The website has a black background and features in white, that offer a beautiful contrast to the darkness of the black color.
The black color indicates that this is a brand that is of high quality and expensive in nature. People who stumble upon this website will instantly feel like this is a high-end product based on the color selection and pictures chosen to represent it.

5. EgleKazdailyte

This website is a great example of colors being used properly. When you first arrive at the website, you will be greeted with a vibrant and beautiful tropical scene. The colors are so lively, that it makes you feel as if you were suddenly right there. The remainder of the website is simple and to the point, which allows the information to stand out and the products to shine.


Lush is a website that is known for many of its bold and ornate website designs and it is no surprise that many people look to the site for ideas and inspiration. When you arrive at the website’s homepage, you will notice the black on white contrast with the background and the text. The images use bold and pastels colors to draw in your eye and keep you focused.

As you navigate through the website, you will notice that the heading pictures throughout the website continue to use bold colors to draw in your eyes. For instance, on the Kitchen page, you will see bright purples against the black background and white writing. This website truly knows how to take colors into consideration.

Final Thoughts on Web Designs/Websites and Their Use of Color

Color use on your website is extremely important and if you choose the wrong color or color combination, you may pass on the wrong message to your customers and readers. For instance, if you are selling a product that offers a lot of value, but also has a high price tag, you want to choose colors that portray this. Ideal colors would be black or gold. You want to avoid colors that are too playful or designs that are considered whimsical in nature.
Of course, you may need to play around with colors first and also determine what it is you want readers to know about your company. For example, if you want customers to trust you, the color blue can portray that you are trustworthy.
The above websites are perfect examples of colors that are used brilliantly. You should use these websites as a guide and inspiration as you design your new website.

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